Computational Applied Mechanics

Research projects

How temperature and humidity influence the behavior of paper

Development of a suitable material model for the complex thermo-hygro-mechanical behavior of paper and paperboard

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Increasing the lightweight potential of wood fiber-based materials

Improving the utilization of the lightweight potential of paper and paperboard, taking into account the influence of the statistical fluctuations in the fiber network structure

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Realistic numerical modeling of the paper microstructure

The aim is to efficiently describe the material behavior at the structural level and simultaneously take into account microstructural effects of the network level

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Damage mechanisms of paper on the macroscale

Modeling of the macroscopic damage behaviour of paper under consideration of large deformations and anisotropic, elasto-plastic material behavior

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Optimizing packaging through numerical modeling

In cooperation with SIG, a leading global manufacturer of beverage and food packaging, we want to use our mechanical modeling approaches to support efficient and resource-saving production

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Modeling and simulation in road construction

The current standard methods for designing roads are already several decades old and their scope of modeling is limited. We develop numerical simulation models that can improve the design of new roads and the further development of existing ones.

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Understanding and Enhancing Thermoplastics Over Molding

Modeling and simulation of the overmolding process of thermoplastics

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